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Pope calls to enter into “the logic of giving” and help those in need
October 16

Pope recalls with Cuban bishops that the Church is called to offer the "only true hope"
May 8

Pope asks U.S. Catholics to "give reason of your hope"
April 20

Card. Rivera calls to evangelize with new means and ardor
March 27


Two New Deacons to Serve God’s People from the Sodalitium of Christian Life

Rio de Janeiro/ Santiago de Chile (NE – – At the beginning of April, in the Nossa Senhora da Guía Church on the north side of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani João Tempesta, Cardinal and Metropolitan Archbishop of San Sebastian de Rio de Janeiro, ordained Eliezer Gomes, a Brazilian Sodalit, deacon.

Deacon Eliezer prepared for his ordination, with a recent 6-month retreat in the Sodalit Formation House in the Diocese of Nemi, Rome, where he reviewed the studies he had previously completed in philosophy and theology. Many were able to accompany the ordination celebration, including many members of the CLM, as well as many parishioners and friends. Fr. Juan Mendoza, the representative member of the Superior Council responsible for Spirituality and all Sodalit priests, was also present. Deacon Eliezer has already begun his new service in his native city of Rio de Janeiro.

A few weeks earlier, in the vespers of the Feast of St. Joseph, Sebastián Correa Ehlers of the Sodalitium of Christian Life, was ordained deacon the urban region of Maipu, Chile in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, which was presided over by Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, S.D.B. Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago de Chile. Many family members, friends and Sodalit brothers, as well as members of the Sodalit Family in Chile and local parishioners, all came together in the Madre de los Apóstoles Church of Maipu in order to celebrate, in an emotional Eucharistic ceremony, the deacon ordination.

During the homily, Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati underlined Sebastian’s fidelity to respond to God’s Call, by referring to the example of St. Joseph, saying that he “had learned that what God promises will be fulfilled. He had learned that trusting in God means to put one’s own life in a certainty that won’t deceive. He wouldn’t be left confused by placing his trust in the Lord... The Christian life, like that of the Church, is a life trusted, and Joseph teaches us how to live entrusted to the hands of God our Father, who is always provident and good.”

Ministerial deaconship is the step which precedes priestly ordination. It is an ordination which emphasizes service, as in the case of the first deacons in the early Church. Service both to God, as well as to our brother men and women.

Pope calls to enter into “the logic of giving” and help those in need

Rome, 16 (NE – Pope Benedict XVI highlighted last Sunday the need to enter into “the logic of giving” and help those in need. The Holy Father made this call during his address to the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square to pray the Angelus. "God can conquer the heart of a person with many possessions and lead him towards solidarity and sharing with the poor and needy, so that he can enter into the logic of giving", said the Pope commenting on the Gospel reading which narrates Jesus' meeting with a rich young man.

"Jesus teaches that it is very difficult but not impossible for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God", said the Holy Father in his remarks before praying the Angelus. "Indeed, through the 'the logic of giving', a person may follow the path of Jesus Christ Who, as the Apostle Paul wrote, 'for your sake ... became poor although he was rich, so that by his poverty you might become rich'".

The Pope also recalled words from St. Clement of Alexandria, who wrote: "Let it teach the prosperous that they are not to neglect their own salvation, as if they had been already condemned, nor, on the other hand, to cast wealth into the sea, or condemn it as a traitor and an enemy to life, but learn in what way and how to use wealth and obtain life".

"The history of the Church", the Pope concluded, "is full of examples of rich people who have used their wealth evangelically, even attaining sainthood”.

Pope recalls with Cuban bishops that the Church is called to offer the "only true hope"

Rome, 5 (NE – This morning in the Vatican, Benedict XVI received prelates from the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba, who have recently completed their "ad limina" visit, and encouraged the life of the Church in this country. "At this historic moment, the Church in Cuba is called to offer all Cuban society the only true hope: Our Lord Jesus. ... This means that the fomentation of ecclesial life must be given a central role in your aspirations and your pastoral projects".

In his speech the Holy Father expressed the hope that "an increase in vocations and the simultaneous adoption of appropriate measures in this field, may soon enable the Cuban Church to have a sufficient number of priests, as well as the churches and places of worship necessary to accomplish her strictly pastoral and spiritual mission".

It is necessary", he went on, "to continue promoting a specific form of vocational pastoral care, one that is not afraid of encouraging the young to follow the footsteps of Christ, Who alone is capable of satisfying their longing for love and happiness". At the same time he encouraged the prelates to ensure seminarians have "the best possible spiritual, intellectual and human formation" so that, "identifying themselves with the Heart of Christ", they can shoulder "the commitment to the priestly ministry".

The Pope also stressed how, with an "intense spiritual life and the support of a solid religious education", the laity "will be able to offer convincing testimony of their faith in all areas of society, illuminating them with the light of the Gospel. In this context, it is my hope that the Church in Cuba, in keeping with her legitimate aspirations, may enjoy normal access to the social communications media".

Benedict XVI concluded by expressing the hope that the forthcoming beatification of Servant of God Fr. Jose Olallo Valdes "may give fresh impulse to your service to the Church and the people of Cuba, always being a leavening for reconciliation, justice and peace".

Pope asks U.S. Catholics to "give reason of your hope"

Washington, 18 (NE - Before a crowd of over 45 thousand people Pope Benedict XVI presided over a massive Eucharistic Celebration, in which he invited catholics American to know how to give reason to their hope". The pope was received by the Archbishop Donald William Wuerl, of Washington D.C. in the "Nationals Park Stadium", the most modern baseball stadium in the U.S.,.

At the beginning of his homily the Holy Father remembered the anniversary of the division performed by Pius VII of the dioceses of Baltimore, the instauration of the diocese of Boston, Bardstown, now Louisville, New York and Philadelphia, and affirmed that "two hundred years later, the Church in America can rightfully praise the accomplishment of past generations in bringing together widely differing immigrant groups within the unity of the Catholic faith and in a common commitment to the spread of the Gospel".

Following that, Pope Benedict XVI asked that in this anniversary, and his visit likewise, may be for all the catholics "an occasion for all Catholics to reaffirm their unity in the apostolic faith, to offer their contemporaries a convincing account of the hope which inspires them and to be renewed in missionary zeal for the extension of God's Kingdom".

"The world needs this witness! –said the Holy Father- Who can deny that the present moment (…) is a time of great promise, as we see the human family in many ways drawing closer together and becoming ever more interdependent. Yet at the same time we see clear signs of a disturbing breakdown in the very foundations of society: (…); increased violence; a weakening of the moral sense; a coarsening of social relations; and a growing forgetfulness of Christ and God.

"The fidelity and courage with which the Church in this country will respond to the challenges raised by an increasingly secular and materialistic culture will depend in large part upon your own fidelity in handing on the treasure of our Catholic faith. (…). The challenges confronting us require a comprehensive and sound instruction in the truths of the faith. But they also call for cultivating a mindset, an intellectual "culture", which is genuinely Catholic, confident in the profound harmony of faith and reason, and prepared to bring the richness of faith's vision to bear on the urgent issues which affect the future of American society."

Through the surpassing power of Christ's grace, entrusted to frail human ministers, the Church is constantly reborn and each of us is given the hope of a new beginning. Let us trust in the Spirit's power to inspire conversion, to heal every wound, to overcome every division, and to inspire new life and freedom. How much we need these gifts! And how close at hand they are, particularly in the sacrament of Penance!

"The liberating power of this sacrament, (…) needs to be rediscovered and reappropriated by every Catholic. To a great extent, the renewal of the Church in America and throughout the world depends on the renewal of the practice of Penance and the growth in holiness which that sacrament both inspires and accomplishes".

"In hope we were saved!" exclaimed the Holy Father. And later on he added: "I urge you to continue to be a leaven of evangelical hope in American society" and "by the witness of your faith", "may you point the way towards that vast horizon of hope which God is even now opening up to his Church, and indeed to all humanity: the vision of a world reconciled and renewed in Christ Jesus"

At the end of his homily, the Pope addressed members of the Spanish speaking community. "The Church in the United States, welcoming in her bosom so many of her immigrant children- he said- has bee growing also thanks to the witness of the faithful of Spanish language. (…) Do not let yourselves be beat by pessimism, the inertia or the problems. (…) The Lord calls you to keep contributing to the future of the Church in this country and for the diffusion of the Gospel"

After the mass the pope blessed the first stone of the altar of the Catholic School "John Paul the Great" from the diocese of Arlington and the first stone of the new chapel of the Saint Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula (California).

Card. Rivera calls to evangelize with new means and ardor

Mexico, 27 (NE - The Archbishop of Mexico, Card. Norberto Rivera, called faithful in his archdiocese to evangelize with renewed ardor and using new means to respond the spiritual needs of today's world. "We have not walked at the same rhythm of the changes in society, we have forgotten how to evangelize with new means, new ardor and new methods", affirmed the cardinal in the Mass celebrated in the Metropolitan cathedral.

The Archbishop affirmed as well that "several false religions are confusing those who we used to consider convinced followers of the Church. It is urgent to arise a new missionary consciousness; it is necessary to reach out to the families, to the poor, we must learn to dialogue with the diverse cultures and lifestyles. It is urgent that we may favor the formation of small communities to foster growth in faith".

In the same manner, the Cardinal pointed out that "it is not hard to find among us men and women who are sad and discouraged for they do not find meaning for their lives. When a relative dies, when the economical crisis threatens so many families of this big city, when we see so many injustices to which we can not remedy with our limitated human resources.

"We all know who is this relative, friend or neighbor that needs the hope of the Resurrection to go on with his life with dignity", he added and asked those present to comfort the suffering such as "those who live under the tension of weapons, those who leave or enter our borders in search for a better life for themselves and their families, those who suffer for the violation of their rights and those who live under religious persecution".